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Chapter Two


I was sitting on the bathtub while putting on lotion when I caught myself staring at Aubrey’s back. Fuck that man had an amazing back. I walked over an traced his tattoo’s with a finger.
   ”What are we doing today bae?” 
  “Mm, I was thinking of how you know so much bout me. But I don’t know that much bout you. So, you planning today. I wanna know a normal day for you.”
   ”You want to see a normal day as a senior in highschool.”
I stepped back an turned my head looking at him confused.
 ”Well, not just school. But, what you like to do. I always decide what to do.”
  “I guess.” I walked out


Hmm, a normal day.I thought while picking out my outfit. I decided on black leggings, a jean vest and simple converse.
   “You ready for this bae?” I smiled over to Aubrey who was sitting on the side of the bed.
  He laughed. “Yeah ma’. Let’s go.”


Honestly, I had no idea what Lena was planning on us doing. I had never really stayed in the city she was from. It was only about 45 minutes from the hotel. I had picked her up from her house once. It was nice. But, you could tell she was still with her parent’s. Before she asked for commitment I never thought about her being young, or living with her parents, or even the fact that she was in school. I was close to her tho. I trusted her. Knew she wasn’t going to set me up an I damn sure didn’t need no more of them bitches. Some girls were so scandalous these days. But nah, not Milena she was different, an in a good way. I was going to try change for her. Or try an get outta my ways.

We were on the freeway an I was letting my thoughts get to me, I was going 90 mph. She didn’t notice. She was singing along to the radio.

  ”Your touch is driving me crazy
  I can’t explain the way I feel
  Top down with the radio on
  And the night belongs to us
  Just hold me close, don’t let me go”

Damn that girl could not sing. But, I couldn’t help but smile.
   “So where are we goin?”
   “My house.”
We can go anywhere in L.A and she wants to go to her house. I may never get how she thinks. But, I took the Sand Canyon exit anyway.



They best way for me to show him me is to be at the place I am most comfortable. My house.

Getting there I didn’t see my dad’s car so I knew we were good. I took him up to my room. It wasn’t that big but it was my comfort zone. Pink walls, all white bed in the center of the farthest wall, Marilyn Monroe above it, my tv hanging on the wall across the room, & lights bordering the ceiling. Simple. The way I liked it.
  ”I know, it’s boring. But, I like simple.”
  “Nah, I like it. It fits you.”
Damn that big smile that made me weak. I turned away from him. Despite what I wanted, my mind went back to something he has said earlier. "I hear about them niggas you fuckin with too". I don’t know if he knew about all of them. But, I needed to tell him.
   “Yeah babygirl?”
Without even thinking it through I had blurted it out. But immediately regretted it.


At first I didn’t believe what I heard. But, when it all sunk in I flipped.
  ” I could handle you bein with ALL them other niggas. But you go to Wayne ! He is   
  like, my brother Milena. How the fuck could you do that! Even if we weren’t ‘together’. You don’t go fuckin around in a nigga’s family. Thats scandalous. I thought you were fuckin different! But, nah you just like them other bitches!”

I didn’t realise how loud my voice had gotten, or that I was barley an inch away from her an there were tears going down her face.

  “If your going to hit me then just do it!” She screamed.
I was taken back. I was pissed. But, why would she think I would hit her. I took a few steps back.
  “Why would I hit you? I’m pissed. Don’t get me wrong. But, I would never lay my hands 
  on you.”
  “Ive just, been there, done that. I’m used to being hit. I fuck up. I get hit. That’s how
  my last relationship was.”
As mad as I had been, picturing her being hit by a nigga took me down. It turned my angur in a different direction. That was one thing I did not put up with. A nigga hitting his girl. So I pulled her close to me.
  “As long as your my girl. Ain’t no one gunna be hittin’ you babygirl.”
She cried into my stomach. She was so small. Barley 5’1. Which made it even harder to picture someone touching her.

We had both cooled down a bit an were laying on her bed. Her head on my chest, running my finger’s through her hair. Today was me getting to know her. We hadn’t even left her house yet and I knew this girl had a crazy past. After learning about her past with a abusive relationship a lot of things made me sense. Like, if you reach for her to fast she flinches. It made sense now. It bugged me that she thought I would be like that. I had to show her that I was different.
  “So, where are we to after here?”
  “You’ll see. I’m driving.” She jumped off her bed an winked at me.
It’s crazy how she can act like ten minutes ago we weren’t arguing and she was thinking I was gunna hit her.

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